The project reveals the social and cultural transformation of locations formerly dedicated to working and/or commercial activities, living, leisure, into "houses of God". Small warehouses, industries, laboratories, farms have been forced to stop their activity, due to the globalization, or the change of political and economic paradigms.

The religion communities are refurbishing those places, turning them into places of pray ... as such as the community of workers disappeared, some invisible communities (mostly composed by immigrants) gave them a new light and perspective (all religions are touched by the research, such as Hinduism, Catholicism, Pentecostal, Evangelical, Baptist, Islam, Sikhism, Taoism, Buddhism, and many others).

The photographic project gives a representation of all religions existing on the planet earth in order to create hopefully an anthropological research through images on the evolution of things and spaces into places of worship. The “ribbon” recalls on the same time either those objects which in many traditions are used like ornaments of sacred places to evoke honor and faith, either the bows and the curtains, represented in the images, that metaphorically are able to turn the secular premises into a sacred place.

The body of work is presented through a couple of images for each place/premises; each couple consists in one image in the background showing the external (often the past) appearance of the building, bearing the “guide color” of the religion, and a second one, framed by the first one, and showing the interiors where just "a ribbon and a prayer" has given to such premises a new "life".